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SAP ANZ Partner Award 2018 for SAP S/4HANA in mining

SAP awards Dyflex for exemplary work in SAP S/4HANA for Mining

Dyflex win SAP ANZ Partner Award 2018 – Strategic Industry – General Business for their exceptional SAP S/4HANA achievements in mining industry in 2018. Dyflex Solutions was awarded the prestigious SAP ANZ Partner Award 2018 – Strategic Industry – General Business for their exemplary SAP S/4HANA work in the mining sector. The award announcement comes

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Robert McCarthy, Dyflex GM of Sales image

Robert McCarthy joins SAP Cloud Technology Experts, Dyflex Solutions, as General Manager of Sales

Dyflex Solutions, a leader in SAP cloud technology and SAP Gold partner, today announced and welcomed Robert McCarthy as their new General Manager of Sales. He will be responsible for leading the intelligent ERP business at Dyflex Solutions, supporting existing and new customers in their digital transformation journey.  Having worked in the IT industry for

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Concur Invoice – Simple, Smart and Efficient

Everyone knows the adage ‘Work smarter, not harder’. It may sound cliché, but innovating and working smarter is the only way an organisation can be cost-efficient and stay competitive. Invoice management is a prime example of where this adage can be applied. Eliminate the mountains of paper receipts that your people have to manage.  The

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Don’t wait! Weed out inefficiencies in your business system

Can you honestly say you’re 100% satisfied with your current systems and business processes? Or have you noticed certain processes are being slowed down under the weight of your growing business? For most companies, single-purpose programs and systems are added as needed throughout the life of the business. So, by the time a company reaches

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