Collaborative Agile Enterprise Planning using SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) has been SAP’s strategic tool, in leading the organisation towards becoming an intelligent enterprise. SAC offers BI Analytics Reporting, Predictive and Planning on a single platform and it can be seamlessly integrated with anything and everything in SAP ecosystem.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) has been SAP’s strategic tool, in leading the organisation towards becoming an intelligent enterprise. SAC offers BI Analytics Reporting, Predictive and Planning on a single platform and it can be seamlessly integrated with all SAP prodcuts.

SAP Analytics Cloud

We are currently in the middle of biggest “black swan” event in recent times, with organisations facing an impact like one never seen before. Collaborative enterprise wide planning and agility becomes key aspect in these challenging times and beyond.

In this blog and in ongoing series of blogs, we will explore Planning component of SAP Analytics on Cloud.

Typical challenges faced by many organisation resmable this state of affairs:

Planning Challenges

SAP Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based solution which can help organisation overcome the challenges in the  Planning process and embark on a transformation journey for Enterprise wide Planning process.

The journey to Enterprise Planning vision can also be easily divided into manageable phases (Agile build & deploy) – given SAC has immense flexibility to design and build for each specific segment of business and then later connecting it all together for organisation wide use and collaboration.

Collaborative and Connected Planning:

Enterprise planning involves setting common organizational goals and then working to meet these objectives. Traditionally setting guidelines has often been a finance department objective, as they typically involve financial budget and forecasts to track and realize these goals.  While it is true that finance is at the core of enterprise planning, it is also true that organizations are far more likely to realize their overall objectives when they connect plans from across the organization. SAP Analytics for Planning will help collaborating your plans across organisation and resolve the challenges of disconnected process and planning in Silo’s.

Driver Based Planning:

Driver-based planning is an approach to planning and management that is focused on identifying an organization’s key business and value drivers and then creating business plans and budgets based on these key drivers. This in turn helps organisation in sliming their budget and forecast cycles and provides clear visibility.

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning is very well suited for driver-based budgeting and forecasting for Revenue or cost. The tool allows on the fly calculation and an immediate impact can be seen on overall profitability if smallest of value driver is changed.

SAC has also been leveraged extensively in ‘what-if simulation’ scenario using the capability of private versions and visualise that power through Value Driver Trees. The tool also supports top down and bottom up planning – and hence can be leveraged to match management guidelines with bottom up department driven budget.

Sales department can create a driver-based plan for Revenue while Finance department can plan for Expense or operation cost based on drivers provided by other departments (like HR, Supply, Marketing, etc.) and overhead cost can be allocated using drivers.

Workforce Planning:

Connecting Workforce planning to overall enterprise planning will in turn help with accurate budget and forecast. Connecting Finance and HR department to ensure every decision — whether it is a salary increase, a change in benefits, or an increase in headcount — can be seen instantly through planning.

SAP Analytics

Capital Expenditure Planning:

Capital expenditures, given the cost significance it has, it is critical to understand the full implications of these investments. Hence, it is essential to have enterprise wide involvement, to know which decisions best align with the organization’s goals. SAP Analytics Claoud provides the tools and insight to instantly calculate and visualise the ROI (Return on Investment) of Capital expentditure and investments.

Leverage Key Features immediately

Dyflex have developed a catalog of models and template that provide our customers with the ability to gain an immediate benefit when implementing SAP Analytics Cloud.

Dyflex Planning Catalog

Planning has always meant to be a collaborative exercise and should not be performed in isolation.  

This series of blogs will cover the elements of Planning including Budgeting, Rolling Forecast, Simulations, Value Driver Trees and Hybrid Planning.

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