Concur Invoice – Simple, Smart and Efficient

Everyone knows the adage ‘Work smarter, not harder’. It may sound cliché, but innovating and working smarter is the only way an organisation can be cost-efficient and stay competitive. Invoice management is a prime example of where this adage can be applied.

Eliminate the mountains of paper receipts that your people have to manage. 

The Solution – Concur Invoice

Concur invoice automates account payables so you can easily verify and process invoices, and authorise payments. Concur Invoice offers 5 ways to quickly and effortlessly capture invoice data:

  1. E-Invoicing
  2. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Scanning
  3. Scan and Key
  4. Supplier Network
  5. Outsourced Service

Concur Invoice – save time and money

  1. Smart integrations
    Concur Invoice connects all your organisational expenses, such as POs, e-invoices, paper and emailed invoiced and supplier networks.
  2. Transparent reporting
    You can have full visibility into spend by using pre-defined reports, dashboards and key metrics for a comprehensive view of cash flow management.
  3. Flexible and platform independent
    Concur Invoice is an easy-to-use web-based and mobile applications enable streamlined processes, from authorisation to supplier payment.

Why Concur Invoice is worth a look

Research suggests otherwise. The cost of processing an invoice manually is $16-$30*. Streamlining the process with Concur Invoice can lower this to just $6 per invoice. These savings quickly add up when multiplied by the hundreds or thousands of invoices most organisations process on an annual basis.

Still not completely convinced?

Watch the video below and get in touch. We’ll happily give you a demonstration of how it could work in your organisation.

*Gartner, “The Redesign of the B2B Order to Cash Process.”