Don’t run your business blindly: How to regain complete organisational visibility over your disparate systems

Would you ever cross a busy road wearing a blindfold? Of course not! If you can’t see where you’re going, you definitely can’t see the oncoming traffic speeding towards you. Without complete visibility, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

So, why do some businesses have this attitude when it comes to running their organisation?

In order to make informed, and important, business decisions, you need reliable, accurate, real-time data. However, if you’re like most managers, you probably need to access two, three, or maybe even four systems to find the data you need.

This problem stems from a lack of business system integration – meaning information updated on one system isn’t fully reflected in the others, causing you to bounce back and forth between disparate systems to get a clear picture. A lack of integration can significantly reduce organisational performance and productivity, creating huge blind spots where important information can be easily overlooked.

Without visibility across all areas of the organisation, you are running your business blindly.

What happens if you don’t regain visibility over your disparate systems?

A lack of lack of visibility of business operations can cause a multitude of problems for an organisation.

  1. Data isn’t accessed in a timely manner

When critical information is spread out across multiple systems, it takes time to locate what you’re looking for. This slows down productivity across all areas of the business and makes for a poor customer service experience.

  1. The risk of data being incomplete or inaccurate increases

Managers rely on good quality data to make well informed business decisions. When data is being manually reconciled across different systems, you have no way of knowing if the information backing your decisions is accurate.

  1. It creates a poor customer experience and increased customer churn

If critical customer information is across multiple systems, you lose sight of your history of communication with the customer, resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Even worse, without full visibility your invoicing may be inaccurate.  When processes are inaccurate and inefficient, customers leave.

  1. You cannot see what direction the business is going OR where your funds are going

If your systems don’t offer you end-to-end visibility over your organisations funds, you cannot assess your liquidity and the state of your cash flow. At Dyflex Solutions, we have assisted many organisations in accurately managing their liquidity resulting in a positive outcome of their overall financial situation.

Taking the eye exam: Where are you lacking visibility in your organisation?

The culprit for most organisational inefficiencies are old and outdated systems that do not allow for integrated functionality.  Because these systems have been with their organisations for so long, most managers don’t realise they’re running inefficiently, with no visibility.

Unsure if you’re running your business blindly? It’s time to take the eye exam:

  • Are you spending too much time reconciling data from different systems?
  • Do you need to use multiple systems to track your customer history from end-to-end?
  • Do you need to use different systems to follow a sales journey from lead to invoice?
  • Do you need to use different systems to locate critical customer information?
  • Does your financial system fail to provide you with all the margin and profitability information across all lines of the business?
  • Do you require multiple systems to review your company’s performance?

If you said ‘yes’ to just one of these questions, you are lacking visibility across all areas of the organisation. If you do not have visibility, you are not running efficiently. An organisation cannot remain inefficient for a long period of time, it will go out of business.

Next steps: Regaining visibility over your disconnected systems

If you’re finding that dispersed data is reducing your organisational productivity, you may be asking yourself: wouldn’t it be easier if everything was in just one place?

The most efficient and cost-effective solution is bringing your data into a single, easily manageable platform. With an integrated Cloud based ERP solution you will regain end-to-end visibility and support over your core business processes. Additionally, access to real-time visibility from a single source of information will increase organisational productivity, and allow you to confidently make informed business decisions.

Need some assistance regaining visibility across your systems? Give Dyflex Solutions a call on +61 8 9485 1328 to find out how an SAP ERP solution can improve your business inefficiencies.