DyFlex - Renewable Energy Solutions

All-in-one, fully integrated ERP software that supports the future of Clean Energy


Plan schedules, collect data and access GPS tracking in real time across your entire workforce including contractors.


Field staff access schedules and other critical information from anywhere and record information on the go.

Ready to Use

Available with out-of-the-box process automation and full customisation capabilities.

Fully Integrated

Manage everything within one ERP from Accounting and Finance to end-to-end Supply Chain Management.

"The future of energy is clean which is why we created an ERP designed specifically for the renewables industry."

Peter Lander - Managing Director at DyFlex

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Why Choose DyFlex Renewable Energy Solutions

DyFlex is made up of subject-matter experts with decades of experience in developing technology solutions for the energy sector in Australia.

Clean energy solutions are starting to pick up pace with the rapid demand from changing consumer expectations and the need for action on climate change.

We at DyFlex have observed first hand that the renewable energy sector requires software solutions that can support their accelerating growth so that they can operate at full capacity.

DyFlex RES has been created specifically to support businesses within the renewables energy sector by experts who have a long history working with energy companies.

But don’t take our word for it – contact us for a demo and we can show you exactly how it will work for your business.

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