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"They delivered what they promised on time and in a cost-efficient manner making them a highly desirable service provider that we would recommend to any small to medium sized business considering an ERP Solution such as SAP."

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Why implement with Dyflex?

As an SAP Gold Partner, we've completed numerous Ariba implementations for our clients, building best-in-class procurement solutions that increase compliance, promote stronger relationships between buyer and seller, and provide cost savings through process improvements and system automation.

Our solutions aren’t built just on software, they are built from experience and enabled by software, providing your organisation with immediate results and rapid ROI.

At DyFlex we believe subject-matter experts with a proven track-record are best placed to deliver outstanding results for your organisation.

That’s why we employ people from a range of industry backgrounds who thoroughly understand both the industry we operate in and the associated business requirements.

Each project we do is managed by people armed with extensive operational knowledge complimented by implementation experience ensuring the desired results are achieved.

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What our clients say...

To run efficiently, a business needs a healthy supply chain that gives you complete visibility and connection across your entire purchasing process. 

Unfortunately, many organisations continue to run their business on inefficient supply chain systems that offer no integration between the purchasing process and system processes.

Nothing makes running an organisation more difficult than the inability to keep track of your transactions, procurement processes, and supply management because your systems do not talk to each other.  Without an integrated solution, you're an unhealthy supply chain.

That's why DyFlex is here to help!

With SAP Ariba you can run your entire supply-chain on a single cloud-based software platform that integrates with your ERP. SAP Ariba offers end-to-end automation that removes the complexity of supply chain management, and allows organisations to better create and manage lasting connections with supply partners.

As one of the largest procurement networks in the business world, SAP Ariba allows you to discover, network, and integrate your supply chain systems with over 1.7 million suppliers.

Manage your entire supply chain through a single platform

Start your custom SAP Ariba implementation and begin saving your business thousands by speaking with a DyFlex consultant.

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