Manual tasks are slowing you down? Automate these 3 processes to save time and money

These days automation is everywhere, making our business lives simpler, more efficient, and more accurate. You can automate just about anything — from warehouse robotics to autonomous transportation such as automated and driverless trucks in the mining industry.
However, many in the business world are afraid to change and are yet to realise the full benefits of integrated and automated solutions, and there is a very real danger of as a result these businesses are falling behind in this fast-paced and competitive world.
Process automation is the future for your business
Process automation is the future for your business

The high cost of dragging your heels

Manual and paper-based business processes are a thorn in the side of any organisation — large or small.

A business still using manual systems will be:

  • Operating substantially slower than automated competitors;
  • Prone to inaccuracies in vital processes;
  • Experiencing reduction in productivity;
  • Lack of visibility resulting in poor strategic decision; and
  • Ultimately incurring high operational costs.

Businesses who leave these consequences unchecked rapidly fall behind this competitive market.

So, how exactly can you use automation to avoid joining the ranks of businesses who couldn’t compete?

We’ve identified the 3 key areas where you can increase efficiency with process automation:

3 time-consuming processes you should be automating

Don’t have time to automate your business? No problem, it’s easier than you think.

With an intelligent ERP system, you will see dramatic boosts in efficiency and productivity within your organisation.

Check out these three processes you can start automating in your business and gain improved efficiencies right now.

  1. Invoice matching

Invoice matching is a time consuming and accident-prone process. Between moving invoices and purchase orders between multiple departments and then matching corresponding serial numbers, there’s lots of room for error.

And even if you get through all that, there’s still plenty of opportunity to process payment to the wrong supplier.

How you can automate it:

With an intelligent, cloud-based ERP system you can automatically match invoices with purchase orders. This makes the invoice matching process much more efficient — as it means the multiple ‘changing of hands’ is eliminated, as well as the potential for human error.

Invoices and purchase orders are subsequently processed quickly and accurately, and system checks and visibility ensure that payment goes to the right person.

  1. Expense claim management

In a typical office environment expenses are paid for by employees. After a long winding train of paperwork and receipts, a clerk has to manually enter the data into a system to be subsequently costed to the relevant accounts and then rechecked by the accountant.

How you can automate it:

With an intelligent, cloud-based ERP, the employee that claimed the expense simply needs to enter relevant receipts into the system before it is automatically processed. In some larger organisations this has reduced reporting time from 2 days to 90 minutes.

As with invoice matching, utilising an integrated ERP solution means substantial time savings, and a significant reduction in mistakes. The information is stored in the one system, where the data remains accessible and accurate across your entire organisation.


  1. Procurement sourcing

Usually, this process involves sending quotes to numerous suppliers, and then sifting through each individual response to find the best possible respondent for the job. As these responses can come in at separate times and feature differing levels of information, it is often a needlessly time consuming process.

How you can automate it:

Electronic, cloud-based ERP solutions can actually map the results out for you. With results ranked based on price, lead time, delivery time or whatever best fits your requirement. You can grow profits by building an integrated, demand-driven supply chain.

For companies seeking greater sourcing effectiveness and procurement efficiency, intelligent ERP solutions helps efficiently manage the procure-to-pay process: From assigning the source of supply, procurement management, through to matching shipments with invoices. This process provides complete transparency in order to keep customer commitments.

Integrated cloud based ERP’s can make your business more efficient and accurate.

How do I experience the benefits of automation in my business?

Automating manual processes isn’t the harrowing, headache-inducing chore so many imagine it to be. In fact, it doesn’t have to be your problem at all.

DyFlex is a SAP Gold Partner, with experienced SAP ERP implementation consultants who will ensure that your SAP implementation is hassle-free and the transition is seamless, simple, and secure. The result is that you can start enjoying the benefits of an intelligent ERP solution sooner.

We’ll coordinate the end-to-end process to ensure that the growing pains that come with implementing any new system are kept to an absolute minimum.

Let’s talk about how you can benefit from a SAP ERP solution and achieve improved efficiency, increased accuracy and productivity in your business.

Call DyFlex on 08 9485 1328 and speak with the experts or click here to learn more about the benefits of a SAP intelligent ERP solution for your business.

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